Arash Hadipour Nikash: Making Your Brain More Productive In The Post Lockdown Era
Arash Hadipour Niktarash

Arash Hadipour Nikash: Making Your Brain More Productive In The Post Lockdown Era

Summary: Arash Hadipour Nikash you can engage in various productive tasks to activate the brain in the post lockdown era. Listen to the recommendations of Arash Hadipour Nikash here.

When the entire world is upside down. Due to the pandemic, it is normal for people to feel lost and insignificant. Due to long periods of stress during the lockdown, brain functions, loss of memory. Inability to think, and changing patterns of mood or sleep are a few common symptoms to note. Apart from this, stress can also result in inflammation. In the body, resulting in trouble in the blood vessels, and the level of hormone. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to stimulate mental and brain health in the post COVID situation.

  • You need to stay physically active in maintaining the fitness level. But it is essential to stay mentally active as well to allow. The brains to stay in shape during the pandemic.
  • Engaging in various activities, such as playing crossword puzzles. Musical instruments or card games can boost the power of your brain.
  • The pandemic or the post lockdown era may be the perfect time to pick up your hobbies or you can start meditation and deep breathing.
  • Social interaction can also help in stimulating the brain. So you can start calling friends or family with who you have not been in touch.
  • Walking while maintaining a social distance of six feet or above is a good idea to feel relaxed.
  • Playing online games and scheduling a virtual meeting can help.

Facts to know about stress and brain stimulation from Arash Hadipour Nikash

There are a few diseases or illnesses that do not go when you have a sound or perfect mental health.

  • Link between brain and immune system

The immune system of your body mediates between the environmental aspects and the COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, the connection between brain and the immune system relates to the mood of an individual. And various neurological maladies, such as stroke, infection, and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Focusing on physical exercises

One of the significant components of improving physical and mental health is regular exercise. Regular physical activities can provide your brain the much-needed impetus and enhance its growth. Furthermore, it also reduces the oxidative stress, which often causes damage to the cells and tissues of the brain.

  • Extreme stress

As Arash Hadipour Nikash feels that every individual is likely to feel stressed during certain circumstances. But extreme stress can enhance the blood sugar level and impair immunity and inflammatory functions. Such situations can be highly damaging to the brain. And mental health and take away your ability to fight COVID-19 infection.

Appreciate small activities according to Arash Hadipour Nikash

No matter how dismal the situation may be, you should focus on small activities. And techniques to improve the quality of sleep and mood. Just going out and appreciating a small garden or the outside environment can help. Lack of traffic during the lockdown has resulted in a significant reduction of pollution, so why not walk every day in the early morning hours to soak the pollution-free air?  Furthermore, you can empower the mind of people in the surroundings and the work societies as studies show that helping in spreading positive messages in the post lockdown era can check the spread of the disease.

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