Boosting your health and wellbeing with meditation in a more sustainable way- ArashHadipourNiktarash explains
Arash Hadipour Niktarash

Boosting your health and wellbeing with meditation in a more sustainable way- ArashHadipourNiktarash explains

Summary: Experts like ArashHadipourNiktarashunderline the importance of yoga and meditation. As you practice mindfulness, you can manage high blood pressure and stress.

In 2020, especially in the post pandemic era, people will perceive wellness as something everyone can understand and access. Moreover, there’s a larger movement for increasing wellness by fostering and improving subtleties and smaller things/habits. Meditation is one practice, which despite being thousands and thousands of years old, is not a passing craze.

It’s no longer a malarkey for specific religions, which it was in the previous decades. The spiritual practice and discipline have now become mainstream, with every section of the society imbibing it in their lifestyle and routine.

  • Studies show how meditation can improve your focus, emotional state, and wellbeing. For starters, choose a type of medication that serves your end, even if it’s for plain relaxation, or energizing or forgiveness.
  • TM or transcendental meditation is a type of mantra meditation, which you practice for 20 minutes twice, every day.
  • Research shows that TM is mighty effective in reducing anxiety and stress. It also boosts brain function. It’s best to practice under a certified instructor.

Meditation goals with ArashHadipourNiktarash

Regardless of the stage of life you’re in, the aim of meditating is to discover the silence and calmness within you. It helps you thwart external pressures and stressors, and access tranquility and calm. You fathom a feeling that comes from within. You can slowly reap the benefits.

Traditions and types of meditations abound. Each of them has a primary goal.

  • In seated positions, you can seat cross-legged on any surface, the floor, bed, in a chair, or even wheelchair, with feet on the ground.
  • For focus, use candle, breath, or Sanskirt mantras.
  • Walking meditation is also viable. You can do it anytime and anywhere. You can do it in your car, while commuting in bus or train, or in the lap of nature. The main focus in on your movement and breath.
  • Sleep meditation or Yoga Nidra is another pivotal practice. You lie on the floor and your instructor can guide you into a state of calmness and deep relaxation. However, you will remain aware even in this state. ArashHadipourNiktarashurges you to take help from a qualified teacher.

Improving wellbeing with ArashHadipourNiktarash

There are many types of research to show how meditation physically transforms the brain. It increases your capacity to process information and slows aging’s cognitive effects. Also reduces inflammation and bolsters your immune system.

It also reduces menopause symptoms and controls your brain’s response mechanism to pain. It’s crucial to find the method or type that works for you.

  • Loving-kindness or metta meditation is all about compassion.
  • Vipassana is very popular form that deals with insight.
  • Mantra is the most common one.
  • You also have relaxation, Zen and many other types.

As you know, transcendental meditation is an excellent technique to shape your mind and make it inwards. It helps you stay alert and responsive to other sensations and thoughts but doesn’t allow them to meander into your mind or interfere.

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